Northern California Junior Hockey Association


Rules and Regulations: 2010-2011


1.0             General

1.1.    Effective Date

These rules shall be effective immediately upon approval by the Northern California Junior Hockey Association (NORCAL) Board of Directors at the first full NORCAL Board meeting held at the Board’s discretion after the Annual Meeting. Subsequently, no change of rules shall be made by the Board during the following playing season except by unanimous consent of the Board of Directors at two consecutive Board meetings.

1.2.    Precedence

Nothing in these rules should be construed to contradict USA Hockey rules, CAHA rules, or NORCAL Bylaws. In the event of other conflicts, the USA Hockey, CAHA rules and NORCAL Bylaws shall take precedence over these rules and regulations.

1.3.    NORCAL

NORCAL is recognized by the California Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) as the governing body in Northern California for ice hockey teams competing for state or national playoffs at Tier I (“AAA”), Tier II (“AA”), “A,” and “B.”

1.4.    Applicability of Rules to Teams

1.4.A.  NORCAL member clubs agree that all teams competing toward a NORCAL, state, or national championship, or otherwise playing as a part of the NORCAL schedule, shall be subject to applicable NORCAL rules. Special teams and house teams not playing as a part of the NORCAL schedule and not competing toward a NORCAL, state, or national championship are not governed by these rules, except as follows: NORCAL member clubs and associations are expected to comply with all applicable USA Hockey and CAHA rules with respect to ALL teams and participants; Special teams are included in rule 5.2.1.

1.4.B.  NORCAL may investigate and review any incident or penalty involving a NORCAL member club or any player, coach, team official, or other person registered with USA Hockey through a NORCAL member club.

1.4.C. In this and all NORCAL rules, each reference to a “coach” without further qualification shall refer to every rostered coach without regard to designations such as head coach or assistant coach.

1.5.    Responsibility for Rules

The head coach is responsible for his/her team’s compliance with all rules and regulations. All players, coaches, parents, member clubs, and NORCAL officials are responsible for knowing and following applicable rules and every participant is responsible for his/her behavior and maintenance of eligibility.


2.0             League Organization and Governance

2.1.    NORCAL and CAHA

NORCAL is recognized by CAHA for conducting youth ice hockey competition at the Tier II, “A,” and “B” levels. Top teams from NORCAL and from the Southern California Amateur Hockey Association (SCAHA) meet each spring for state playoffs conducted by CAHA.

2.2.    NORCAL Governance

NORCAL is a nonprofit corporation governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the presidents or designated representatives of each member club or association and the elected and appointed officers of the corporation. Voting members of the Board of Directors include the president or designated representative of each member club and the elected officers of the corporation, which are specified in its Bylaws. The affairs of NORCAL are conducted in accordance with its Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and policies that may be adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time.

2.3.    Board Meetings

The time and location of NORCAL Board of Directors meetings are posted on the NORCAL web site. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public. Issues or questions involving the operation of the league should be brought to the Board through a club or association president or representative.

2.4.    Board Meeting Attendance  

Each member club shall be responsible for representation at NORCAL Board and other meetings and for the dissemination to its members of these Rules and Regulations as well as other NORCAL league information. Any club not sending an appropriately designated representative to two or more consecutive meetings of the NORCAL Board of Directors for any reason barring “acts of God,” shall be fined $500 and $500 additional for each consecutive missed meeting thereafter.

2.5.    Age Levels in NORCAL

Regular competitive teams are classified according to age and competitive levels. USA Hockey age levels are based on birth year and may be found in the USA Hockey Annual Guide and the NORCAL web site. Girls playing in the youth division must comply with the applicable age requirements.

2.6.    Competitive Levels in NORCAL

2.6.A.  TIER I – Highest level of youth hockey recognized by USA Hockey; teams recruited on regional or statewide basis. Championships are conducted at state, district, and national levels. USA Hockey does not recognize Tier I at the Mite or Squirt age levels.

2.6.A.i.    NORCAL Clubs offering Tier I (also known as AAA) teams at any level must have had at least one travel team in three of the following divisions in one of the two most recent seasons (Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget—16 or 18). Have a team at each of the above age levels in the current season, and have a feeder program accepted as applicable to this rule by the NORCAL Board.

2.6.A.ii.  Other teams (AA, A, and B) from clubs offering Tier I (AAA) teams and not meeting these requirements are ineligible to participate in NORCAL playoffs.

2.6.B.  Tier II – Considered highest level of club-based hockey. CAHA and NORCAL rules require that Tier II (AA) teams meet a Player Development Requirement to qualify for NORCAL and state playoffs. Championships are held at NORCAL, state, district, and national level. USA Hockey does not recognize Tier II at the Mite or Squirt age levels.

2.6.B.i.   In any season NORCAL may offer a Tier II (AA) league at any or all of Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget 16, or Midget levels if the NORCAL Tier Competition Committee determines there are enough competitive teams to provide valid and fair competition. Ordinarily, four Tier II (AA) teams will be required for a league by either declaration or relegation.

2.6.B.ii.  Clubs intending to field a Tier II team must have had at least three other teams in the NORCAL schedule for the two most recent seasons and have a feeder program accepted as applicable to this rule by the NORCAL Board.

2.6.B.iii.Other teams (A, B) from clubs offering Tier II (AA) teams and not meeting these requirements are ineligible to participate in NORCAL playoffs.

2.6.B.iv. Two cooperating clubs may form a joint Tier II (“AA”) team to compete in a NORCAL Tier League under CAHA Rule 7.15 with the following additional requirements

2.6.B.iv.a.Only one joint team will compete in any NORCAL Tier league age division per season

2.6.B.iv.b.                     Clubs participating in a joint team must have another team at the age level of the joint team

2.6.B.iv.c. If a joint team folds or drops out of the NORCAL tier league, players will return to their home club and are not eligible for a NORCAL competitive advancement release

2.6.B.iv.d.No joint teams are allowed in NORCAL A or B leagues.

2.6.C.  “A” Division – Championships held at NORCAL and state levels; teams in all age divisions. CAHA rules require that teams at the Peewee, Bantam, and Midget levels maintain a minimum number of returning club players to qualify for state playoffs. NORCAL rules extend that requirement to the Squirt level. NORCAL does not recognize A/B distinction at Mite level. Ordinarily, “A” divisions will be made up of no more than six teams.

2.6.D. “B” Division – Developmental level; championships held at NORCAL and state levels; teams in Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam levels. NORCAL rules require that teams at the Squirt, Peewee, and Bantam, levels maintain a minimum number of returning club players to qualify for state playoffs.

2.6.D.i.   At the start of any season if the number of B division teams exceeds eight, the NORCAL General Manager and Placement Committee may divide the B division into two groups based on competitive level.

2.7.    Member Clubs

Only teams fielded by NORCAL clubs or associations in good standing may participate in the NORCAL game schedule or playoffs. NORCAL member clubs may be either non-profit or for-profit organizations. New member organizations may be accepted in accordance with NORCAL Bylaws. These clubs and teams agree to abide by all NORCAL Rules and Regulations, NORCAL Bylaws, NORCAL Codes of Conduct and decisions; to keep their teams, players, and team officials informed of all NORCAL rules, policies, decisions, and other pertinent information pertaining to their participation in NORCAL sanctioned events and activities; to pay all assessments and fines; and to provide all necessary resources as established by standards, rules and regulations of USA Hockey, CAHA , and NORCAL for the conduct of their home games. Failure to comply with these conditions may result if loss of playoff eligibility, fines, or suspension of the club from NORCAL voting rights. Member Clubs for the 2010-2011 season are:

California Cougars

Santa Clara Blackhawks

California North Stars

Santa Rosa Flyers

Capital Thunder

South Tahoe Grizzlies

Fresno Junior Falcons

Stockton Colts

Oakland Bears

Tri-Valley Blue Devils

San Francisco Sabercats

Vacaville Jets

San Jose Junior Sharks

Redwood City Black Stars

3.0             Team Registration

3.1.    USA Hockey Team Registration

All teams must be registered with USA Hockey prior to participating in any NORCAL, CAHA, or USA Hockey activity.

3.2.    Regular Season Teams

 Any youth division team formed to play competitive games throughout the course of the regular fall and winter season at the Tier I, Tier II, A or B levels shall be classified a regular season team regardless of whether that team is playing within the NORCAL schedule. NORCAL shall assess each participating club annual dues for each team registered. Fees will be determined annually by the NORCAL Board. Tier I teams and Mite teams participating in NORCAL are assessed at 50% of other regular season teams.

3.3.    Special, Tournament, and House Teams

Special teams formed to compete in special tournaments that disband after said tournament are not required to register with NORCAL and shall not be governed by these rules except as specified in Rule 1.4.

3.3.A.  Any special team not registered with NORCAL that is rostered under the USA Hockey Association number assigned to any NORCAL member club must provide a true copy of that team’s roster to the NORCAL Roster Manager at least forty-eight (48) hours before that team competes in any game outside its club.

3.3.B.  House teams are teams playing only within a single club or association. House teams are not required to register with NORCAL and shall not be governed by these rules except as specified in Rule 1.4.

3.4.    Girls’/Women’s Teams

Girls’/Women’s teams playing in the NORCAL playing schedule will in all aspects be governed by these rules. Teams registered in the USA Hockey Girls’/Women’s Division and not playing in the NORCAL playing schedule shall be treated by NORCAL as special teams even though playing for a state or national championship.

3.5.    Preliminary Team and Ice Slot Declarations A and B Youth Teams

All clubs shall make a preliminary team declaration with a plan for ice slots to the NORCAL scheduler by August 24 or another date determined by the Board. The declaration shall consist of a list of teams the club expects to form with the age division for the teams and a projection of the competitive levels for each team (AA, A, or B). The plan for ice slots may be a full submission that meets the requirements under section 3.7.3 herein: it must at least specify the days and times planned to be submitted to meet the requirement.

3.5.A.  Failure to Maintain Required Ice Slots. Any club that fails to provide and maintain the required number of home ice slots for its registered teams shall be fined five hundred dollars ($500) per ice slot shorted. Upon recommendation of NORCAL General Manager, the NORCAL Board may disqualify one or more teams from league competition if sufficient ice slots are not provided.

3.6.    Initial Team Registration Tier I and II Youth Teams

All clubs fielding Tier I or II teams shall submit an initial properly completed team roster to the NORCAL Roster Manager and a check for one-half of the annual fee determined by the NORCAL Board to the NORCAL Treasurer by August 15 or another date determined by the Board. Tier I teams do not submit ice slots. The number of ice slots to be submitted for Tier II teams will be determined by the NORCAL General Manager following the submission of initial team rosters and team deposits

3.7.    Initial Team Registration A and B Youth Teams

All club teams to be included within the NORCAL playing schedule must be registered with NORCAL by September 5 or another date determined by the Board. Initial team registration requires completion of all the following:

3.7.A.  Submitting to the NORCAL Roster Manager a properly completed USA Hockey team roster. (This roster will be designated the team’s initial roster.

3.7.B.  Submitting to the NORCAL Treasurer a deposit for one-half of the team registration fee determined by the NORCAL board for each team.

3.7.C. Prior submission to the NORCAL Scheduler of thirteen (13) game ice slots for each team. Ice slots must be identified by date, start and end times, rink and ice surface (for multi-surface rinks) and must be within the date and time scheduling guidelines established by NORCAL. Please see Section 5.3 for length requirements. All game slots must be for clean ice. Note that provisions in Section 5. affect requirements for submitted ice. Unused ice slots will be returned to the member club as the scheduler determines them unnecessary during October and November.  A club with three or fewer teams must provide an additional eight game slots for Scheduler use. Any club with Midget 16 and/or Midget 18 teams affected by SAT blackouts must provide a minimum of two Friday or Sunday slots for each such team after the Thanksgiving break.

3.8.    Final Team Registration

All teams initially registered as described above must complete final team registration with NORCAL or be formally dropped according to the procedure found in section 3.12. Final registration requires all of the following

3.8.A.  Submitting to the NORCAL Roster Manager a properly completed USA Hockey team roster. This roster will be designated a team’s preliminary roster. A preliminary roster will not be considered properly completed without original signatures in blue ink from all players and initials in blue ink from adults entered on the roster. Players’ signatures are optional on Mite and Squirt team rosters. The preliminary roster must be received by the Roster Manager by September 30 or another date determined by the Board.

3.8.B.  Submitting to the NORCAL Roster Manager a properly completed USA Hockey full team roster or supplementary roster detailing changes to the team’s preliminary roster. This roster (full roster and supplementary roster) is designated a team’s final roster. A final roster requires original signatures in blue ink from all players and adults entered on the roster. Players’ signatures are optional on Mite and Squirt team rosters. In addition, the final roster submission must include credentials documents (birth certificates or USA Hockey defined equivalents) for all players on this roster who were not rostered on a NORCAL travel team during the prior season. The final roster must be received by the Roster Manager by October 31 or other date determined by the Board.

3.8.C. Submitting to the NORCAL Treasurer the balance of the team’s registration fee by October 31 or other date determined by the Board.

3.9.    Minimum Team size

To be included within the NORCAL schedule, a team must meet CAHA requirements for minimum team size at the time of the final roster submission.

3.10.Late Registration A and B Youth Teams

Teams intending to play within the NORCAL schedule that miss any deadline in the above sections are considered late. Late teams that complete the initial registration requirements by September 30 or other date determined by the Board may have their schedule reduced by two games and shall be fined two hundred dollars ($200). Late teams that complete the initial registration requirements between October 1 and October 31 shall have their schedule reduced by four games and be fined three hundred dollars ($300). Late teams that complete the initial or final registration requirements after October 31 but prior to CAHA deadlines shall have their schedule reduced by eight league games and be fined six hundred dollars ($600). Opponents for reduced games shall be determined by a random draw of teams conducted by the NORCAL General Manager. Teams registering late to the “A” division because of relegation from Tier II shall not be subject to these late fees.

3.11.Addition and Deletion of Players after Initial Team Registration

No transaction adding or deleting a player from a team roster is complete without written confirmation from the NORCAL Roster Manager or the Roster Manager’s designee.

3.12.Dropping Teams

A club or association that drops a team registered to participate in the NORCAL schedule shall be assessed a penalty of three hundred dollars ($300) for each team dropped after September 30 or other date determined by the Board. Written notice of dropping a team must be made to the NORCAL General Manager and to the NORCAL Scheduler. In addition, any applicable penalties for game forfeiture shall be imposed when the dropping of a team requires cancellation of scheduled games within ten days of the receipt of the drop by NORCAL.

4.0             Individual Registration, Tryouts, and Player Movement

4.1.    Individual USA Hockey Registration

All Individual players, coaches, and managers must be registered for the current season with USA Hockey prior to participating in any USA Hockey activity.

4.2.    Player NORCAL Registration

Each player must be properly registered for the current season with USA Hockey and included on a team roster submitted to the NORCAL Roster Manager before being permitted to play in any game.

4.3.    Player Registration

No player may be registered on more than one USA Hockey Roster at the same time.

4.4.    In-House teams

Players registered on a USA Hockey roster may be simultaneously registered on an in-house team so long as such dual registration does not cause a player to be registered on two teams that compete directly against each other in the NORCAL schedule or in any other games leading toward a NORCAL or CAHA, or USA Hockey Championship.

4.5.    College Players

No player on the roster of any USA Hockey registered college team may be rostered on any other Tier, A, or B team in NORCAL.

4.6.    Girls Roster Questions

Girls are governed by CAHA registration rules.

4.7.    Mite age Players

Mite-age players new to NORCAL must sign up to play at the rink closest to their primary residence unless approved by the NORCAL General Manager.

4.8.    Coach NORCAL Registration

Each coach must be properly registered for the current season with USA Hockey before participating in any on-ice activity.

4.8.A.  Before serving as a coach in any game on or before December 31, except in an emergency as specified in rule 5.10, a coach must be on the team’s roster. All coaches must submit to the referee either a copy of his/her USA Hockey coaching education card at the required level or proof of registration for the USA Hockey coaching clinic required to achieve the coaching level appropriate for the age and competitive level of the team.

4.8.B.  Except as specified in Rule 5.10, before serving as a coach in any game after December 31 a coach must be on the team’s roster. All coaches must submit to the referee a copy of his/her USA Hockey coaching education card at the required level.

4.9.    Players and Teams Playing Within Age and Competitive Classification

4.9.A.  Players are eligible to play only at the lowest age level for which they qualify under USA Hockey rules with the following two exceptions:

4.9.A.i.    A player who by birth is in the last year of his/her age classification may skate up one age classification following submission of a properly completed NORCAL “Consent to Skate Out of Age Division” form.

4.9.A.ii.  A mite-aged player may play on a squirt team without a “Consent to Skate Out of Age Division” form for a club that has not declared or registered a mite team.

4.9.A.iii. Playing Below Age Classification. Playing below the USA Hockey assigned age level is not permitted.

4.9.B.  To be eligible for NORCAL playoffs, a team must play all games and tournaments at the competitive level at which they compete in the NORCAL schedule, with the following exceptions:

4.9.B.i.   Games with teams within the same club

4.9.B.ii.  Two games with prior notice to the NORCAL General Manager 

4.9.B.iii.Games or tournaments before September 15 or after January 31 of the current season with prior notice to the NORCAL General Manager

4.9.B.iv. Upon prior approval of full NORCAL Board of Directors at regularly scheduled Board meeting 

4.10.Penalty for Playing Unregistered or Improperly Registered Player

Head coaches are required to know the status of their players and are subject to suspension of up to two games for each game played by an unregistered or improperly registered player. Any game in which an unregistered or improperly registered player participates shall be forfeited by the offending team.

4.11.Player Movement/Free Agency

All players are free agents between the end of CAHA Playoffs for “A” and “B” teams or the end of USA Hockey National Championships for Tier I or Tier II teams until joining a team for the following season.

4.12.Joining a Team

Either club or player may appeal to the NORCAL General Manager in case of a dispute as to whether or not a player has joined a club or team. The General Manager’s determination in the case of such appeal is final. Generally, a player has joined a team when that player or player’s family has

4.12.A.      Signed a contract, letter of intent, roster, or any other written agreement with a club. (A waiver or release from liability or a medical consent-to-treat form are excluded from this restriction) or

4.12.B.     Paid money other than a separate tryout fee to a club by virtue of which payment the player is assigned or may be assigned by that club to a specific team or

4.12.C.     Played or participated in a NORCAL-scheduled preseason, tournament, or regular season game with a team unless specifically noted and otherwise signed by the coach on the game score sheet properly submitted to NORCAL or

4.12.D.     Practiced twice with a team, not including team tryouts.

4.13.Player Development Requirement

All NORCAL registered Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget 16, and Midget 18 teams in AA, A, and B divisions must roster a minimum 50% of its players from within its member club.

4.13.A.      In addition to the CAHA definition of players eligible to meet PDR, players who did not play for any NORCAL Tier, A, or B team during the previous season may be counted toward the team’s PDR percentage.

4.13.B.     To calculate the required number of players to meet PDR requirements, round to the next lower whole number.

4.13.C.     A team in violation of the PDR will be included in the NORCAL schedule and their games will count towards final standings but they will be ineligible for post-season playoffs including both NORCAL playoffs and CAHA playoffs.

4.13.C.i.              Any team that falls below the PDR requirement during the regular season must achieve the minimum level by December 31 and maintain that level for the remainder of the season to maintain their post-season eligibility.

4.13.D.      A team may petition the NORCAL Board for an exception to the PDR requirement, which may or may not be granted, to accommodate the following circumstances:

4.13.D.i.              A or B players displaced from their previous team by that club not offering a team at  age level

4.13.D.ii.            The previous club was officially merged with a new club and the new club is formally recognized by a vote of the NORCAL Board as a successor club

4.13.D.iii.           The previous club has ceased doing business

4.13.D.iv.           At the NORCAL Board of Directors’ discretion


Each club shall post its tryout schedule for Tier I, Tier II,  “A,” and “B” at its rink in a manner to give players other than its own members access to dates and times. In addition, each club shall provide notice of tryout schedules and requirements to the NORCAL General Manager at its earliest opportunity so that information can be posted on the NORCAL web site. The tryout start dates for A and B teams for the next season will be set in the January NORCAL Board Meeting of the current season. Tryout dates for Tier teams are governed by CAHA rules. It is NORCAL’s intent that tryouts for Tier teams be completed prior to the start of tryouts for “A” and “B” teams and that all tryouts and team selections be completed prior to September 15 or another date determined by the Board.

4.15.Player Release

Players and their families undertake a serious obligation when they join a club. They must expect NORCAL and all other NORCAL clubs to recognize and honor the agreements they sign or otherwise enter into. A player wishing to change clubs after joining a team must obtain a release from the club which he/she has joined (the “home club”). While nothing in these rules shall be construed to prevent a club from granting a release, the home club ordinarily is under no obligation to approve a personal preference release.

4.15.A.      Personal Preference Release: A release at the request of a player or family for any reason other than competitive advancement is a Personal Preference Release.

4.15.B.     Process for Receiving A Personal Preference Release:

4.15.B.i.              A player should request a Personal Preference Release from the home club. If a club and player agree to a Personal Preference release, notification to NORCAL and removal from the releasing club’s roster is sufficient to effect the release.

4.15.B.ii.             If the release is not granted, the player may apply for a Personal Preference Release to the NORCAL General Manager by completing the form available on the web site and submitting a non-refundable application fee of fifty dollars ($50).

4.15.B.iii.           If the home club fails to respond to an application for a contested Personal Preference Release within five days of being notified by the General Manager, the General Manager may grant or refuse the release without the home club’s approval.

4.15.B.iv.            If the home club responds within five days by refusing to grant the release, the General Manager shall select and convene a review committee comprised of three persons: the General Manager, one club president from neither the home club nor the receiving club, and one other member of the NORCAL Executive Board. The review committee shall issue its decision within ten days of the appeal. The decision of the review committee may be appealed by either the home club or the player to the full Board of Directors.

4.15.C.     Competitive Advancement Release.  A player meeting the following conditions shall be granted a Competitive Advancement Release:

4.15.C.i.              The released player moves directly to the roster of a receiving team at a higher competitive level not available to that player at the home club.

4.15.C.ii.            The release does not put the home team in non-compliance with CAHA or NORCAL minimum roster size nor reduce the home team to less than one goaltender.

4.15.C.iii.           The player is in good financial standing with the home team. No NORCAL member club or association shall charge a player receiving a Competitive Advancement release any fees or dues exceeding the reasonable charges for tryouts, ice time used, and merchandise purchased.

4.15.C.iv.           The coach and club president of the receiving team have signed the release application.

4.15.C.v.             The receiving team and the player recognize and confirm that the player must remain on the roster of the receiving team through the remainder to the NORCAL season and playoffs.           Players on a disbanded Tier team formed jointly between two clubs are not eligible for a Competitive Advancement Release.

4.15.D.     Definition of Completed Release

4.15.D.i.              The General Manager notifies the player, the home club, and the receiving club (if any) that a release is complete when all of the following conditions are met:

4.15.D.ii.            The appropriate release application is complete and the fee (if required) is paid.

4.15.D.iii.           The player has been legally and completely dropped from the home club roster.

4.15.D.iv.           The release is approved by the NORCAL General Manager

4.15.E.     Penalties for Illegal Release

4.15.E.i.              Any player who participates in a game or practice for a receiving team without a completed release in accordance with these rules is an ineligible player.

4.15.E.ii.             Head coaches are required to know the status of any player they allow to attend a practice or play in a game and are subject to suspension of up to two games for each practice attended or game played by a player without a completed release.

4.15.E.iii.           Any club allowing a player to play in any game before that player has a completed release will forfeit all games in which that player participates.

4.15.E.iv.            A player who intentionally misrepresents his/her status to a receiving club will be suspended for no less than thirty days. Regardless of any misrepresentation by a player or family the receiving team is still subject to game forfeitures and head coach’s suspensions for employing an ineligible player.

4.15.F.      No player shall be granted more than one release within a season.


No club or team official shall attempt to recruit a player to an “A,” “B,” or Tier II team who is playing for another “A,” “B” or Tier II team. Each club shall be responsible for informing all club and team officials of this rule and for adhering to the spirit of this rule by actively dissuading officials and other persons from engaging in prohibited activities.

4.16.A.      Upon receipt of a written complaint from a member club, the NORCAL President shall appoint a Review Committee comprised of presidents or designated representatives of three non-affected clubs. The Review Committee shall conduct a hearing to investigate the charges and shall issue a penalty to a club and/or team found to be in violation of this rule. The penalty shall consist of forfeiture of one or more league games and/or payment by the offending club of a fine not to exceed the amount of dues and other reasonable fees lost for one season as a result of the recruitment. Additionally, an offending team shall forfeit any game in which the Committee determines an illegally recruited player has participated.

4.16.B.     No team which was created initially as a Tier team shall be permitted to participate in NORCAL league play competing for a NORCAL championship as an “A” or “B” team while retaining players recruited from other NORCAL clubs without express approval of the NORCAL Board.

4.17.Permitted Recruiting Activities

4.17.A.      Mailing of printed material to persons who have previously participated in summer programs, clinics, other special activities, or former club members. Such mailings may not include personalized notes or messages.

4.17.B.     Inviting individuals to participate in special activities (clinics, summer skates, special teams, pickup) which do not occur during  the regular season.

4.17.C.     Advertising not otherwise prohibited by NORCAL, CAHA or USA Hockey.

4.18.Recruiting Activities not permitted

4.18.A.      Offering any financial benefit to a prospective player to entice that player to leave another club.

4.18.B.     Mailing printed materials to the mailing list of another club without prior consent from the club owning the mailing list.

4.18.C.     Initiating contact with players or family members from another club for the purpose of promoting the club’s program or enticing a player to change clubs.

4.18.D.     Advertising directed specifically at the membership of another member club.

4.18.E.     Allowing members of a club to contact or continue contact with members or relatives of members of another NORCAL club when that contact is intended to solicit, has the effect of solicitation, or arrange for a position on a team.

4.18.F.      Allowing players, parents or any person acting in place of a player or parent to initiate or continue contact with a player or player’s family when the purpose of the contact is to solicit or arrange for a position on a team other than from the player’s current club.

4.19.Block Recruitment

Block recruitment is not allowed at Tier II, “A,” or “B” levels. Block recruitment has occurred when A) a club has within its rostered player base 25% or more players who were rostered with another single NORCAL member club during the previous playing season; or B) a team’s roster contains 50% or more players who were rostered with another single NORCAL member club during the previous season.

4.19.A.      A team or club in violation of the block recruitment rule will be included in the NORCAL schedule and their games will count towards final standings but they will be ineligible for post-season playoffs including both NORCAL playoffs and CAHA playoffs.

4.19.B.     Exceptions, which must be approved by the NORCAL board, may be granted when the previous season’s club does not offer a team at a particular age group, or in the case of a voluntary merger, or when a club is recognized by NORCAL as successor to a club that has ceased doing business, or at its discretion.

4.20.Player Financial Standing

Prior to tryout start date set by NORCAL for A and B teams, any NORCAL club may submit to the NORCAL General Manager and Roster Manager a list of players deemed not in good financial standing for the prior year’s playing season. Lack of good financial standing shall be based on failure to pay dues and/or other costs associated with playing on a regular season team. Players not in good standing shall not be permitted to participate in team tryouts or to participate in NORCAL scheduled games until they are determined to be in good financial standing. Any player remaining on the list following the beginning of the NORCAL regular season shall be considered an ineligible player and any game in which such a player participates will be forfeit by his/her team. A game forfeited by reason of such a financially ineligible player shall remain forfeited regardless of any subsequent finding on the merit of the player’s inclusion on the list.

4.20.A.      The NORCAL General Manager may remove a player from the list and/or recommend Board action against a club that has failed to make reasonable efforts to resolve legitimate player account disputes. Any player who disputes a financial claim may appeal directly to the NORCAL General Manager who may allow the player to participate in tryouts and practices while the dispute is being resolved.

4.20.B.     Only players in good financial standing may participate in the NORCAL Pre-Select Tryout Camp or in the NORCAL Playoffs. Players are considered in good financial standing unless the NORCAL General Manager is informed in writing ten days before the above listed events occur.

4.20.C.     Players who appeared in NORCAL or CAHA playoffs are assumed by NORCAL to be in good financial standing for the previous season and may not be placed on the list described in this rule.

4.21.Player Movement within a Club

A player who has been properly registered on a club’s team may move to another team within that club provided all eligibility requirements are met and the player is properly re-rostered before the move takes place.

4.21.A.      A player may not play for more than one team within a club within a 48-hour period. A player violating this rule shall be considered an illegal player for all games in which he or she participated during the 48-hour period in question.

4.21.B.     During the regular season, clubs with more than one team competing for the same NORCAL championship must release any player before moving that player from one such team to another.

4.22.Player Movement Between Divisions

Player movement between divisions is governed by CAHA rules. Ordinarily, a player may move down a division (e.g., from “A” to “B,” from Tier II to “A,” From Tier I to Tier II) on or before October 31. A player may move up to a higher division on or before December 31. Players who move between Divisions after these deadlines must receive permission from the NORCAL General Manager and are ineligible to participate in NORCAL or CAHA playoffs.

4.23.Hardship Goaltender Moves

Notwithstanding any other provision of these rules, if no rostered goaltender for a team is able to play in one or more games during the season, the NORCAL General Manager may, upon written request, authorize the use of a substitute goaltender. The General Manager has final authority in determining if a substitution shall be permitted and has final authority in choice of the substitute.

4.23.A.      All goaltender substitutions approved under this rule must be approved prior to the game in which the substitution is made. Such substitution should be noted on the score sheet submitted by the team to NORCAL. Copy of the authorization for use of a substitute goaltender must be kept in the team book with the copy of the score sheet.

4.23.B.     Goaltender substitution by non-Mite players shall not be permitted for Mite teams.

4.23.C.     Goaltender substitutions generally follow this sequence: Choice 1-- from same club at lower competitive level; Choice 2-- from same club lower age division; Choice 3--from other club lower competitive level; Choice 4--from other club lower age division

5.0             League Games and Schedule

5.1.    NORCAL League Games

A NORCAL League game is a game arranged by the NORCAL Scheduler that is played in a club’s required ice slot, or extra ice slot required by NORCAL, between teams of two different NORCAL clubs or two teams from the same NORCAL club playing for the same NORCAL championship.

5.1.A.  Regular Season Games. The NORCAL regular season shall consist of those games following the preseason and designated by the NORCAL Scheduler to be regular season games counting for playoffs.

5.1.B.  Preseason Games. The NORCAL pre-season begins as determined by the NORCAL calendar and shall consist of exhibition games as scheduled for Tier II, “A” and “B” teams by the league. The purpose of the pre-season is to provide a tune-up period for players and to allow league and club officials an opportunity to assess the competitive levels of the teams. Team declarations are regarded as recommendations during pre-season until final team placement by the NORCAL Placement Committee.  

5.1.C. Exhibition Games. Occasionally, the NORCAL Scheduler may schedule exhibition games for the purpose of providing extra games in playing divisions with a short schedule or at the request of the involved clubs. Exhibition games initiated by clubs must have ice slots provided outside the NORCAL required ice slots. Games designated in the schedule as exhibition games will not count towards final league standings.

5.1.D. Unfinished Games. No game shall count as a game unless at least two full periods of stop time are played or unless the game is forfeited under the playing rules.

5.1.E.  Forfeit Games. The score of a forfeit game shall be recorded as 1-0.

5.2.    Game Scheduling and Supervision

All games between teams competing as part of the NORCAL league schedule shall be scheduled by the NORCAL scheduler and be under the direction of the NORCAL General Manager and on-ice supervision of a certified and registered USA Hockey official. Teams that play most of their games outside the NORCAL schedule may request the Scheduler to designate a team official to schedule games with non-NORCAL teams directly.

5.2.A.  No team registered by a NORCAL Club made up predominantly of players rostered on NORCAL A or B teams will be allowed to participate in another organized league without formal approval of the full NORCAL Board before the team commits to participate in the other league. This restriction is intended to include special teams.

5.3.    Standard League Game Conduct (X, P, G designated games)

In all NORCAL games, all teams shall comply with all USA Hockey, CAHA, and NORCAL rules. Under no circumstances will any rule be waived by consent of any participants or game official.  Failure to comply with all rules subjects teams to possible game forfeits and coaches to suspensions.

5.3.A.  A ninety minute time slot for Peewee and older (seventy-five minutes for Mites and Squirts) on clean ice shall be scheduled for games. No ice cuts are required between periods. (Note that a 75-minute slot may be used for Peewee games at the scheduler’s discretion.) No more than five minutes shall be placed on the clock prior to the first period for warm-ups. One minute shall be placed on the clock between each period. No more than one 30-second timeout per team per game will be allowed. Periods shall not be lengthened to take advantage of additional time that may be available.

5.3.B.  For Peewee and above, games shall be scheduled for three periods of 15 minutes stop time each.

5.3.B.i.   For Squirt and Mite games, the first two periods shall be fifteen minutes each. The third period shall be either fifteen minutes or half of the time remaining in the game slot, whichever is shorter.

5.3.C. At the beginning of the third period, if fewer than 30 minutes are left before the game curfew, the referee shall direct the timekeeper to place one-half of the remaining available minutes on the clock.

5.3.C.i.   If at any time during the third period, the amount of time remaining prior to curfew is less than the time on the clock, following a stoppage of play the referee shall direct the timekeeper to place the number of minutes remaining for the slot on the clock and go to running time.

5.4.    Score Sheets.

5.4.A.  A score sheet shall be provided by the home team.

5.4.B.  All coaches shall sign the score sheet and provide their coaching level, card number, and effective date. Coaches must have valid USA Hockey CEP card in their possession and show the card to the game referee when asked to do so.

5.4.C. The score sheet shall list the NORCAL game number, date, time, location, curfew time, and names of minor officials. The score sheet must list all players.

5.4.D. Names of players absent or suspended should be lined out and noted as “injured,” “absent,” or “suspended” on all copies of the score sheet. The names of suspended coaches and numbers of suspended players should be written in the “notes” section of the score sheet. FAILURE TO NOTE PERSONS SERVING A GAME SUSPENSION MAY RESULT IN FURTHER SUSPENSION FOR THAT PLAYER OR COACH IN ADDITION TO SUBJECTING THE TEAM TO PENALTIES FOR ILLEGAL PARTICIPATION OF A SUSPENDED PLAYER OR COACH.

5.4.E.  After the game, the home team is responsible for mailing the completed original score sheet (top white copy with original signatures of coaches and game officials) to the NORCAL General Manager postmarked no later than Wednesday following the game. FAX or electronic copies are NOT normally acceptable as official game records. Incomplete or improperly filled out score sheets may result in a $25 fine assessed against the offending team and may not be accepted as game records.

5.4.F.  Score sheets more than fourteen days late, in addition to any fine assessed, shall result in a warning to the president of the offending club. Late score sheets after a warning may not be accepted. Only games for which a properly completed score sheet has been received and recorded by the General Manager may be used for standings, to meet game requirements for team or individual playoff eligibility, or for statistical rankings.

5.4.G. “T” or “S” or Non-NORCAL Games: NORCAL teams playing non-NORCAL teams shall be responsible for submitting a properly completed score sheet to the General Manager no later than the first Wednesday following the last game played for that trip.

5.5.    Off-ice Officials

The home team shall provide qualified minor officials including scorekeeper, timekeeper, penalty box attendants and shot counters.

5.6.    Insufficient Players to Begin Play

Games not played for lack of players to begin the game shall be referred to the NORCAL General Manager as a possible forfeit.

5.7.    Teams Require Adult Coach

All NORCAL games require a minimum of one adult coach on each team’s bench. If a coach fails to appear or appears and is unable to continue for any reason, the team must provide a USA Hockey registered adult with credentials appropriate to the teams involved to serve as a temporary coach. Officials should provide a reasonable period of time to find a replacement. If no replacement can be found, the team without a coach will forfeit the game. The ice slot length may not be extended due to a delay resulting from a coaching change. Any properly credentialed coach may serve as an emergency temporary coach.

5.8.    League Standings

League standing shall be based on points earned by play or forfeit (2 points for wins, 1 point for ties, 0 points for losses) during regular season games which will normally include an equal number of games played among all teams in a playing division. In the event that there have not been an equal number of games played by each team, standing shall be determined by each team’s percentage of possible points earned (total points earned divided by two points for each game played or forfeited).

5.9.    Considerations for Scheduling Pre-Season and Regular Season Games

5.9.A.  Games shall normally be scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays. Weekday games may be scheduled subject to the agreement of the affected club presidents or representatives.

5.9.B.  “P” and “G” Games shall not be scheduled to start before 7 a.m. or after 11:30 p.m. Mite and Squirt “P” and “G” games shall not be scheduled to start after 8:30 p.m.

5.9.C. Whenever possible, younger teams shall be scheduled for earlier time slots and older teams for later time slots.

5.9.D. Although ice slots submitted by a club will normally be used for that club’s teams, slots submitted to NORCAL may be used by the Scheduler for any teams as necessary, subject to the approval of the designated home team club and the club whose ice slot is used. Home games may be played at rinks other than the home rink. An equal number of home and away games is not a scheduling requirement, but will be achieved whenever feasible.

5.9.E.  If two games are scheduled for the same day, there must be at least four hours separation and there must not be more than one hour normal driving time between the rinks at which the games are scheduled.

5.9.F.  Blackouts: No games may be scheduled after 2 p.m. on Halloween for Mites Squirts or Peewees, or at any time on Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas/New Years break, Martin Luther King weekend, Presidents’ Day weekend, or after Noon on Super Bowl Sunday.

5.9.G. No Midget 18 or Midget 16 games may be scheduled on designated SAT Saturdays prior to 5:00 p.m. or on the preceding Friday evenings.

5.9.H. No Bantam A, Midget 16A, or Midget 18A games may be scheduled during NORCAL or CAHA Select Team Tryouts.

5.9.I.    No games shall be scheduled to create a playing conflict for players participating in a NORCAL sponsored special tournament team.

5.9.J.   Consideration should be given to scheduling at least two games (e.g., Saturday afternoon or evening and Sunday morning) when travel distances necessitate an overnight stay.

5.9.K.  No schedule change shall be made in regular season games without the approval of the NORCAL General Manager.

5.9.L.  No scheduling consideration shall be made for any NORCAL team or individual player for participation in any non-NORCAL league or event not already described in this rule.

5.9.M. Teams playing in NORCAL league schedules but not competing for NORCAL Championships will normally play each team in their division twice: home and home. Clubs fielding such teams are responsible for providing sufficient ice allocations.

5.10.Protective Equipment

Each player must properly wear USA Hockey approved protective equipment as specified by all applicable rules for the duration of each game while on the ice, players’ bench, or penalty box. Referees will check out every player prior to each game. Players reporting to their team after the referee’s checkout may not go on the ice until a supplemental check has been completed.

5.11.Team Book

Each team shall be responsible for having an accurate and complete team book available at every game the team plays. The contents and organization of the team book shall be in governed by CAHA Rule 22.2. This NORCAL rule supplements the CAHA rule.

5.11.A.      All materials must be in a three ring binder with plastic cover on the front cover and along the spine. The team’s name shall be displayed both on the front cover and the spine. A divider tab should identify each section with the title of the section. Each item should be placed inside a sheet protector. Each person appearing on the roster should have an individual name tab by last name (and in the case of two individuals with the same last name, the first initial).

5.11.B.     The following lists the required contents and required organization of all team books:

5.11.B.i.              TAB I: Team Information:

5.11.B.i.a.                     Certified Team Roster (1-T)

5.11.B.i.b.                     Sanctioned game score sheets, arranged chronologically from the most recent

5.11.B.ii.             TAB II: Coaches’ Information

5.11.B.ii.a.                    Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat forms

5.11.B.ii.b.                   Signed USA Hockey Code of Conduct forms

5.11.B.ii.c.                    Copy of front and back of USA Hockey Coaching Education Card with legible signature

5.11.B.iii.           TAB III: Managers’ Information:

5.11.B.iii.a.                  Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat forms

5.11.B.iii.b.                  Signed USA Hockey Waiver of Liability forms (not required for on-line registrants)

5.11.B.iii.c.                   Signed USA Hockey Code of Conduct forms

5.11.B.iv.            TAB IV: Players’ Information (a tab for each player with each player’s information maintained separately)

5.11.B.iv.a.                  Signed USA Hockey Consent to Treat form

5.11.B.iv.b.                  Signed USA Hockey Code of Conduct form

5.11.B.iv.c.                   Appropriate documentation for any player not born in the United States and written USA Hockey Transfer form, if needed.

5.11.B.v.             Tab V: Additional NORCAL Required Material

5.11.B.v.a.                    Notarized AKA form for any player who goes by a name other than that shown of the birth certificate

5.11.B.v.b.                   Completed consent to skate out of age division form

5.11.B.v.c.                    Properly completed release form for any player who moved from a different club during current season

5.11.B.v.d.                    Other documents that from time to time may be required by the General Manager or Roster Manager

5.11.C.     Access to Team Book. The NORCAL President, NORCAL General Manager, Roster Manager may inspect team books at any game. Any deficiency shall be reported to the NORCAL General Manager who, in turn, shall notify the affected club president. Deficiencies must be corrected or a written plan of correction approved by the General Manager, within seven days of notification. Failure to comply with this rule will result in forfeiture of games played with a non-compliant team book.

5.11.C.i.              Opposing coaches or team managers may inspect score sheets at any game to verify scores and served suspensions.

5.11.C.ii.            Teams are advised to carry a copy of the team book to games and to maintain the originals to be used only for credentials check prior to tournaments or playoffs.

5.12.Game Forfeit for No Show/ Refusing to Play

All teams are required to be present for all regularly scheduled NORCAL games (including exhibition games). Games not played may result in forfeiture by the team(s) responsible for canceling. Teams that incur forfeits must

5.12.A.      Pay ice costs for the full ice slot and allow non-offending team to occupy the ice (if available)

5.12.B.     Pay for any actual referee costs

5.12.C.     Pay a $200 penalty assessed by NORCAL

5.12.D.     If a team’s absence was unavoidable as determined by the General Manager, the forfeiture penalties shall not apply and the game may be rescheduled.

5.12.E.     Any team that refuses to start play or to continue play will be subject to the same penalties as a No Show, in addition to penalties provided by playing rules. Disagreement with on-ice or off-ice officials is never a valid reason for refusal to continue play.

5.13.Non-NORCAL Game Notices

At least seven days before a game is played against a non-NORCAL team, the NORCAL team must file a Non-NORCAL Game Notice with the General Manager. An online form is available on the NORCAL web site. All information on the form must be completed. The Non-NORCAL Game Notice must also be submitted by a NORCAL team hosting a game or tournament including non-NORCAL teams. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a $100 fine.

5.13.A.      NORCAL Game numbers must be acquired from the NORCAL scheduler for all games with non-NORCAL teams.

5.13.B.     CAHA Travel Permit. Before a NORCAL team may travel outside the State of California to play games or a tournament, the team must comply with all applicable CAHA and USA Hockey rules.

6.0             Penalties, Suspensions, Appeals, Protests

6.1.    Minor, Major, Misconduct Penalties

Penalties called by on-ice officials are not subject to further review.

6.2.    Game Misconduct Penalties

Game misconduct penalties called by on-ice officials are not subject to review except for procedural errors. The affected team’s club president may make a request for review by the NORCAL General Manager. The club president must provide a copy of the game score sheet containing the game misconduct penalty in question. Request for review must be made within 24 hours of the end of the game in question.

6.3.    Serving Suspensions

USA Hockey requires a player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty to serve a suspension during the next game already scheduled. NORCAL requires a player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty in a NORCAL game to serve their suspension in a NORCAL game. For Tier teams, games played in CAHA Tier Weekends may be used to serve suspensions received in NORCAL games.  Note that a player or coach may be required to sit two games to meet both USA Hockey and NORCAL requirements. NORCAL suspensions may not be served in games between teams from the same club unless both teams are playing toward the same NORCAL, CAHA, or USA Hockey championship and the game was scheduled before the suspension was incurred.

6.3.A.  Suspensions received in a player’s, coach’s, or team’s last game of the NORCAL regular season shall be doubled unless the regular suspension is fully served in the NORCAL or CAHA playoffs. Players, coaches, or teams receiving multiple suspensions in the last game of the season may be subject and may subject the club to further sanctions through Supplementary Discipline. Any unserved suspensions shall be served by that player or coach during the first league game(s) (pre-season or regular season) of the following season, even if that person changes teams or clubs. A player or coach receiving a game misconduct penalty during a regular season game while playing or coaching for a team to which he/she is not normally assigned shall serve the suspension during the next regular season game of the team on which he/she is a member.

6.3.B.  A player or coach serving a suspension must comply with the game sheet requirements specified in Rule 5.3.e above. A player or coach serving a game misconduct may, but is not required to, attend the game as a spectator. A coach or player serving a game misconduct may not be on or near the players’ bench, may not serve as a minor official, and may not in any way give direction to his team from the stands or through a third party. Violation of this rule may result in supplementary discipline. A player or coach serving a game misconduct shall not engage in any disruptive behavior before, during, or after the game while attending as a spectator.

6.3.C.  Any coach found to have the wrong player or coach serve a suspension will be subject to supplementary discipline, game forfeiture, and a minimum 3-game suspension.

6.3.D. If a player plays in a game for which he/she was suspended, that game shall be forfeited by the offending player’s team. Additional games played following the game in which the imposed suspension was not served may also be forfeited following a hearing conducted under NORCAL procedures. Whether or not the additional played games are forfeited by the team, no games participated in improperly by the player owing the suspension may count toward that player’s post-season eligibility.

6.3.E.  In the event that any coach participates in a game while suspended, the NORCAL General Manager shall suspend the offending coach for the next two scheduled games following discovery of the illegal participation. (If the team does not have additional scheduled games, the General Manager shall designate the additional games to be served.) The games in which the suspended coach participated may be ruled a forfeit. The General Manager shall investigate the violation and may consider Supplementary Discipline.

6.4.    Match Penalties

Match penalties shall be reported to the NORCAL General Manager within 48 hours of the end of the game. The head coach of the team that incurs a match penalty is responsible for making the required reports to NORCAL and any other entity required.

6.5.    Causing A Disturbance When Removed or While Suspended

Upon written complaint to the General Manager, any player or coach who is found to have created a disturbance during a game for which he/she has been removed or is suspended shall be subject to Supplementary Discipline.

6.6.    Exceeding Three Game Misconducts in a Season

If the number of accumulated game misconduct penalties and match penalties for a player or coach exceeds three within one season on any NORCAL team or teams, the player or coach shall be automatically subject to Supplementary Discipline.

6.7.    Penalty Review Committee

6.7.A.  The NORCAL Penalty Review Committee shall consist of a Chair appointed by the President (normally the NORCAL Vice President), the NORCAL General Manager, and at least two other members appointed by the President or the Committee Chair for a specific meeting. One of the other members must be president of a club not directly involved in the business of the Committee.

6.7.B.  The Committee shall meet as needed at a time and place to be set by the Chair. Any penalties or discipline pending review shall be held prior to NORCAL or CAHA Playoffs.

6.8.    Conduct of Penalty Reviews

6.8.A.  The hearings are closed and informal.

6.8.B.  Persons appearing before the Committee may be accompanied by parents/guardians, one coach, club president or representative, and one other person.

6.8.C. Persons appearing before the Committee may submit written material and request witnesses in their support to submit written materials.

6.8.D. At the discretion of the Chair, video evidence may be submitted in advance of the hearing for review and, with prior approval of the Chair, may be shown at the hearing. The person requesting the video is responsible for providing viewing equipment.

6.8.E.  The Committee shall provide the person under review with a clear statement of the specific behavior being reviewed, the rule under which the behavior is being reviewed, and the possible outcomes of the hearing.

6.8.F.  The Chair shall issue a written decision within five days of the hearing and shall send a copy of that written decision using email addresses provided by the recipients to the following persons: the person under review, the club president of the person under review, and the parents/guardian of a player under review. After sending such email notice all players, coaches, clubs, or other persons involved in the decision are considered notified and the terms of the decision are immediately in effect. If the person under review does not provide a valid email address at or before the hearing, notification of the hearing result sent to the club president will be considered formal notification. Nothing in this rule alters in any way club responsibility for communication with its membership set out in rule 2.7.

6.8.G. In the event a properly notified player or coach fails to attend a scheduled review, the Committee may conduct its review and issue a decision in his/her absence.

6.9.    Game Protests

Game protests must be presented to the General Manager by Tuesday 9 p.m. for games played during the immediately preceding seven-day period (Monday through Sunday). A non-refundable fee of $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars) must accompany a protest. Only protests for games that count toward final rankings will be allowed. Protests based on disagreement with a referee’s judgment will not be accepted. All protests must be made by a club president or designated NORCAL representative if club president is not available.

6.9.A.  Upon due consideration, the General Manager’s decision shall be either “the game stands as played” or “the game will be replayed in its entirety or from the point of protest if practicable.”

6.10.Supplementary Discipline

In addition to the suspension imposed under these rules, the NORCAL General Manager may, at his/her discretion, investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game and may assess additional suspensions for any offense committed before, during the course of a game, or any aftermath thereof by a player, team official, or spectator whether or not such offense was penalized by the referee. Supplementary Discipline that is not the result of a Penalty Review Committee hearing must be initiated within fourteen days of the incident.

6.11.NORCAL Right of Appeal

6.11.A.      USA Hockey members (players and immediate families, coaches, team and league officials) have recourse to the NORCAL, CAHA, and USA Hockey dispute resolution procedures. The full dispute resolution procedures are set out in the NORCAL Bylaws, CAHA rules, and Bylaw 10 of the USA Hockey Annual Guide.

6.11.B.     Suspension or sanction issued by the NORCAL General Manager (except for suspensions for violations of playing rules or other specific areas designated under USA Hockey rules) or by the Penalty Review Committee may be appealed to the NORCAL Board as the first step of that dispute resolution procedure.

7.0             Player and Spectator Decorum

7.1.    Pre- and Post-Game Incidents

It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure the safety of the players, coaches, spectators, and officials before, during, and after games. Incidents occurring from the time the On-ice officials signal the players to begin pre-game warm-ups until the score sheet has been signed by the On-ice officials are governed by the USA Hockey Playing Rules. Altercations outside those boundaries may also be penalized by this rule.

7.1.A.  Such incidents include but are not necessarily limited to: confrontations (verbal or physical) involving coaches, players, and/or spectators of opposing teams; confrontations (verbal or physical) involving coaches, players, and/or spectators with on-ice or off-ice officials

7.1.B.  Any pre or post game altercation or disturbance, on or off the ice, shall be investigated, at the direction of the NORCAL General Manager, by the involved Clubs’ Presidents and a written report shall be submitted to the NORCAL President and General Manager within 48 hours of the incident. This report shall include the names of all persons, players, coaches, and spectators involved or in the immediate area of the incident and steps taken by the Clubs to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

7.1.C. A police report will be made on any spectator who physically interferes with a player, coach, team or league official on or off the ice.

7.1.D. Penalties for Pre and Post Game Incidents

7.1.D.i.   Anyone determined by the NORCAL General Manager to be an instigator in addition to any applicable USA Hockey sanctions will be suspended from all NORCAL activities (including games and practices) for 5 (five) games;

7.1.D.ii. The Head Coach of any team found to be involved will be suspended for two NORCAL games in addition to any applicable USA Hockey sanction. (Coaches may be sanctioned as a participant or instigator as well);

7.1.D.iii.              All other participants will be suspended for three NORCAL games.

7.1.D.iv.Involved teams may be put on probation by the NORCAL General Manager. Any team on such probation, if found to be involved in a subsequent pre- or post-game incident, will be suspended from participation in the NORCAL schedule for the remainder of the season and not eligible for any playoffs or NORCAL sponsored tournament.

7.2.    Leaving Penalty Bench or Players’ Bench

Any player penalized under playing rule 625(a) (Leaving bench to join altercation) is automatically subject to supplementary discipline.

7.3.    Spectator Decorum

Any person in the stands during a NORCAL game is expected to display civil behavior. Anyone causing an unreasonable disturbance in the stands may be asked to desist or leave the arena by on-ice officials. The home team club officials may be called on to help control the situation and are expected to cooperate fully with the on-ice officials. If the situation cannot be dealt with in a timely and civil manner, the on-ice officials may, at their sole discretion, direct the players to the player benches and suspend the game until the matter is resolved. Further, the rink personnel may be asked to call local police to help control the situation. Any offending spectator will be subject to supplementary discipline under rule 6.10.

7.3.A.  Any spectator ejected from a NORCAL game by the game referee must leave the rink immediately. With the aid of the score keeper, coaches of both teams, and managers of both teams, who all shall be required to cooperate with the referee, the referee shall note the incident, time and ejected person’s identity on the score sheet and submit a report on the incident after the game. Any person so ejected will be suspended from all NORCAL games until a penalty review hearing is held or until thirty days have elapsed, whichever comes first. The Penalty Review Committee may impose additional suspension and/or a fine up to $100 levied against the club associated with the ejected person. This rule will be enforced against NORCAL spectators ejected by other leagues when such ejection is similarly recorded and reported.

7.4.    Noisemakers

No spectator may use a noisemaker of any sort at any NORCAL game. Repeated offense during a game will result in the offender being asked to leave the game.

8.0             NORCAL Playoffs

8.1.    Tier II Playoffs

Team eligibility for CAHA Tier II playoffs will be determined by CAHA Youth Council

8.2.    NORCAL Playoffs

Tier II (AA), “A,” and “B” playoffs shall be conducted to determine the first and second place teams from among the four top ranked teams at the Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget 16 (“AA” and “A” only), and Midget (“AA” and “A” only) levels at the end of regular season play. The General Manager shall issue rules governing each playoff format and the playoff schedule of games prior to the playoff.

8.3.    Team Eligibility for Playoffs

From among all duly registered Tier II (AA), “A,” and “B” teams having played at least seventeen (17) games (not less than 10 of which must be played within the NORCAL regular season playing schedule as evidenced by the proper submission of completed score sheets), the top four ranked teams in each division shall advance to the playoffs. Team rankings shall be determined as specified in rule 5.13 above.

8.3.A.  If two or more teams are tied for end of season standings, ties will be broken in accordance with the USA Hockey Annual Guide, with the further provision that in cases involving unbalanced schedules, winning percentage will be used rather than total points.

8.3.B.  Teams registered to a club not in good standing or any team not eligible to participate in CAHA playoffs will not participate in NORCAL Playoffs. However, the foregoing notwithstanding, a team based outside California but participating in a NORCAL regular season division and with USA Hockey registration and in good standing shall NOT be excluded from NORCAL playoffs solely by reason of non-membership in CAHA.

8.3.C. In the case of ineligible teams for NORCAL or CAHA playoffs, the eligible team with the next best record will advance.

8.4.    Player Eligibility for Playoffs

A player must be duly registered and have participated in at least seven (7) games of that team (not less than six of which must have been played within the NORCAL regular season schedule as evidenced by the proper submission of completed score sheets) and be in good financial standing to be eligible to participate in NORCAL playoffs.

8.4.A.  Any player who is ineligible for participation in CAHA playoffs shall also be ineligible for participation in NORCAL playoffs.

8.5.    Obligation to Participate in Playoffs

All teams eligible for participation in NORCAL and CAHA playoffs are required to participate in all playoff games. Failure of a team to participate in playoffs may result in disciplinary action against the offending club and/or its members including barring the offending club’s teams from participation in future playoffs.

8.6.    CAHA Championships

State playoffs are conducted by CAHA and are governed by separate rules.


9.0             NORCAL Competitive Governance

9.1.    NORCAL Team Placement

At a date determined by the NORCAL Board at the Annual Meeting, the General Manager will present the final team placements to the full NORCAL board. There shall be no late registration penalty for a team re-registering as a result of final team placement.

9.2.    Placement Committee

The NORCAL Placement Committee is made up of the General Manager (chair), Coaching Director, Executive Committee Member at Large, and two other persons elected by the Board one of whom may not be either a club president or a head coach in either NORCAL travel or tier leagues during the current or previous season. The Placement Committee shall be responsible for assisting the General Manager in making all final placement decisions, including relegation, of teams into Tier II (AA), A, or B/BB leagues. Criteria for placement should include team declaration, performance of team in pre-season games, and league competitive balance.

9.3.    Relegation

Definition: Relegation is placement of a team into a competitive division other than the team’s original declaration

9.3.A.  Options for Teams declared A or B and relegated to Tier II (AA):

9.3.A.i.    Play NORCAL Tier League and CAHA Tier Weekends and be eligible for NORCAL, CAHA, and National Championships, where applicable

9.3.A.ii.  Play NORCAL Tier league and decline participation in CAHA Tier weekends and be eligible only for NORCAL Tier League championship

9.3.A.iii. Decline relegation and remain in NORCAL A or B schedule, be subject to all restrictions on A teams and be ineligible for both NORCAL and CAHA playoffs

9.3.B.  Options for Teams declared Tier II (AA) and being relegated to A or B:

9.3.B.i.   Accept relegation to NORCAL A or B and be eligible for NORCAL and CAHA championships, where applicable

9.3.B.ii.  Decline relegation. Teams declining relegation are not eligible to participate in any NORCAL league and are not eligible for any NORCAL playoffs. Teams in NORCAL Tier league are restricted by Rule 4.9 from playing any team declaring tier that NORCAL Placement Committee has relegated to A/B.

9.3.B.iii.Clubs remain responsible for all fees for clubs refusing relegation

9.4.    NORCAL Tier Committee

9.4.A.  Composition. The NORCAL Tier Committee is made up of the General Manager (chair), Coaching Director, and three other persons representing at least two different clubs including one club president, one current Tier II (AA) head coach, and a person who is neither a club president nor a current Tier II (AA) head coach.

9.4.B.  Function: The function of the NORCAL Tier Committee is to govern NORCAL Tier hockey competition within CAHA rules and rules which the NORCAL Board may pass from time to time.

9.4.C. Original jurisdiction for Tier II (AA) discipline remains with the NORCAL Penalty Review Committee